Children's book with 3D illustrations "In the jungle" (Russian language)

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"Confusion. In the jungle."

The magical book "In the Jungle" with 3D illustrations from the "Confusion" series will delight the child! Before his eyes, the inhabitants of the jungle will come to life, clicking their voluminous jaws and beaks. Listening to the poems hidden under the valves, the little reader will learn a lot of interesting things about the natural world, and by connecting the halves of the pages, he will be able to come up with new species of animals unknown to science. Who will it be - Kromomot or Begedil?

Classes on the book "In the Jungle" from the "Confusion" series will bring a lot of joy and benefit: they contribute to the development of thinking, fantasy, imagination and speech. The book, made of thick cardboard, has a convenient format - it is easy to take it with you on the road, guests, travel.

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