Luminous laces, fluorescent laces, 80/100/120/140 cm

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Luminous laces for children's/men's/women's shoes.

An amazing accessory that adds flair to a masculine or feminine outfit and keeps your child safe in the dark.

Luminous paints based on phosphor are an environmentally friendly product that is safe for human health.

The duration and intensity of the glow depend on several factors: how long and how bright the light was absorbed by the shoelaces during the day.

During the day, luminous shoelaces do not visually differ from ordinary ones, but a slight glow is noticeable already at dusk.

Such laces can be useful not only for children, but also for athletes training in the dark.

Luminous laces are suitable for men, women, children, teenagers, athletes, including sneakers, boots, sneakers, shoes, berets, children's shoes.

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