Stainless steel chain necklace, unisex.

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2022 brought back to life jewelry in large sizes. A few years ago, looking like a businessman from the 90s was considered bad manners, but now chains from this image are back in trend. The fashion for massive chains will definitely continue throughout 2022.

This accessory is combined with almost everything in the wardrobe of a modern woman:

- Over a sweater. Black, white or brown is the perfect backdrop for gold jewelry.

- With a T-shirt, top, T-shirt. A massive decoration in addition to such a top will make the image bold and daring. You can successfully complement it with a jacket. But as for the bottom, there are no restrictions, wear jeans, shorts, skirts.

- With silk. Large fashionable chains around the neck in combination with a shirt or other item of clothing made from this material is far from an innovation. Some time ago, model Gigi Hadid appeared in public in a denim total bow, under which was the same silk blouse, adorned with a massive gold chain. -Over turtleneck. For a casual look, both an accessory made of precious metals and high-quality jewelry are suitable. The product will look especially good against the background of dark fabric.

- In the evening. A minimalist dress with an open neckline and a massive neck decoration is the perfect option in 2022. By the way, several chains can be used in the bow, as well as a bracelet made using the same technique as the main accessory.

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