Double-layered bow tie with metallic trims

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Bow ties are a symbiosis of style, quality and a loyal price. Accessories will allow you to give the costume an elegant look without spending time. Simply slip your tie over your collar and adjust the strap to a comfortable width with the secure slider.
The accessory has many positive advantages: high-quality fabric that does not shed and does not lose its presentability, reliable metal fittings that will last a long time and flawlessly, versatility makes it possible to wear a bow tie for both men and women, combination with other accessories allows you to decorate your appearance even more attractive. The adjustable strap allows both adults and teenagers to wear the bow tie.
Well suited for all sorts of events: holidays, performances, graduations, going to the theater, corporate parties. And they are also used in various professions: bartenders in bars, waiters in restaurants, toastmasters and presenters at festive events, musicians and actors on stage, staff in hotels.
A wide color palette will allow you to choose a bow tie, ideally suited to the outfit.

Material: polyester

Color:White/Black/Blue/Wine Red/Red/Pink/Sky Blue/Sky Blue/Silver/Green/Champagne/Orange/Yellow/Purple/Light Purple/Burgundy/Neon Green/Pink Champagne

Size:12cm long, 6 wide

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